Friday, Saturday, Sunday: A Recap

    Although I couldn’t make it to every event I discussed in my last FSS post, I did enjoy a great day of events on Saturday, beginning with my trip to the New Museum. The event was titled An Afternoon of Fauna: From Ant to Whale, and was paired in conjunction with Rosemarie Trockel’s current exhibition, A Cosmos. Each speaker was given the opportunity to prepare a short presentation simply based on the one word prompt of the animal that they were assigned. Pieces ranged from scientific to literary and video art, some more lustrous than others, but all still good for a chuckle or a collective “Aww” (i.e. Hedgehog). My personal favorite was a short video made by Isabella Rosselini, titled Salmon, in which she scientifically explained the mating cycle of salmon in her fantastically charming accent using intricate construction paper sculptures (also, vanilla yogurt as salmon semen [say that three times fast]). Each presentation was individually unique, and offered a different way of observing and appreciating their selected animal, and overall made for a delightful afternoon!

     In the evening I headed to the Lower East Side for the opening of J.Morrison’s new print show, Homocats: Fight the Power, which is exactly what it sounds like. His prints, usually paired together in a mirrored fashion, featured images of cats composited onto contorted male figures steeped in homoeroticism. Each pair had a message to tell on either side of it. Some of them read more simply for shock value (i.e. “Free butt sex”), and others more directly tackled current issues in the gay community. My personal favorite pairing was “We are fatigued with gay marriage/We are nauseous with politics.” It was a great night of fun, peppered with industry shop talk and thumbing through pages of artful smut. Also, I came out of it with a sweet new screen printed hankie made by the artist on site!

What an awesome day! I still can’t believe this is my job sometimes. 


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